Our passion is to help people achieve their musical dreams.


All money generated by MelodyFusion goes into improving the website - in other words, goes straight back to the people who use the website.

In this context MelodyFusion is an altruistic endeavor - and to preserve this core value we've never sought external funding.

MelodyFusion is financed entirely from the personal funds of the founders - and we're not multi-millionaires, and don't have high-flying jobs, and don't run large businesses. We're just like you - ordinary people who sacrifice some of our hard-earned income to help others, instead of spending it on a family holiday or new car.

PLEASE CONSIDER CONTRIBUTING to MelodyFusion to help us help others. Any amount, big or small, will be gratefully appreciated.

Our vow to you is that your contribution will only be used to improve the functionality of the website to the benefit of its users and that your philanthropy will be publically acknowledged on the website.

Naturally, we're always interested in any suggestions or feedback you might have on how to improve MelodyFusion, and you can always contact us by clicking here.

Thank you, and may the Muses be with you.


Martin Robinson (Founder).