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Oleander at The Black Sheep 7/17/13
Despite the lack of a crowd and a short power outage for guitarist and bassist that led to an improvised interlude, Oleander went all out and rocked hard. The addition of their new drummer, Steve Brown, and the return of Thomas Flowers to lead vocals was an extremely smart decision for the post-grunge band, who's cohesive sound proved that even over time, true talent does not diminish.
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They Might Be Giants at the Ogden Theater, 6/07/13
They Might Be Giants is best known for their unconventional and experimental style of alternative music. To say they are 'quirky' might be a bit of an understatement.
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Imagine Dragons at Red Rocks Amphitheater 5/16/13
Complete with captivating backdrops, stage setup, and a few acrobatic stunts, Imagine Dragons did not fail to impress.
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Face To Face & Teenage Bottle Rockets, Black Sheep
Black Sheep is such a small music venue that it really creates such an intimate atmosphere for musicians and fans. Though I had not previously been familiar with the music of Face to Face, a hugely popular punk band in the 90s, I had won two free tickets to the show, so I was not about to pass that up. What I learned was two things.
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Florence & The Machine, Red Rocks Amp 07/24/12
Florence and The Machines rocked it at Red Rocks.
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Review: Family of the Year & Mowgli's 4/17/13
I went to see Family of the Year at the Black Sheep, and was pleasantly surprised by their opener, The Mowgli's, who, quite frankly, blew them out of the water.
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Review: MightyMighty Bosstones, Boulder Thtr 04/04/13
The Might Mighty Bosstones rocked the house this past Sunday (4/7/13) when they headlined at the Boulder Theater.
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