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How to Build a Stratocaster Body
This video covers making a Stratocaster Style body from scratch - Templates from If you have questions, please contact us through our webpage or visit our Facebook page
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Farther Along
Ingrid muses how music and health have shown up recently.
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Sail Featured in Gentlemans Genius Magazine
The band Sail is growing. repost of Gentlemans Genius Magazine
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innocent mind, mente innocente: positive Hip-Hop
Write-up by La Libertad Magazine on "Innocent mind ,mente innocente" on positive hip-hop
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Sail wins Battle of the Band in Birmingham
Meet this young band that is making waves: Sail
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A couple of useful music score and notation websites
Some useful music websites for the re-emerging pianist :)
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Daily Guitar Practice - Pebber Brown
Pebber Brown gives you a boot-camp rundown on what and how to practice. This is not for the faint of heart - it is a Master Class!
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