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The Circle of Fifths
How the Circle of Fifths Can Bring the Music from Your Head to Everyone’s Ears!
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The Yardbirds were an amazing band that birthed three of the greatest guitarists in rock history.
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PandoHouse Rock: Copyright, Explained
We at Melody Fusion wanted to find a fun way to introduce copyright and what’s more fitting than copyright put to song?
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What's Up?
You Are Melody Fusion and you rock! What is going on in your world? In turn, here's what's up with us...
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Love is in the Air
There are many ways to let them know you love them! However, a great way is the gift of music! Whether it is your own song or...
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What is Melody Fusion?
Are you a musician? Want to promote your music for FREE? In need of music or musician? You want to check us out!
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What are these Master Classes?
From Queensland Australia, Holly Imms gives us an explanation of Melody Fusion's Master Classes. These classes are a way for members to share information with each other so they can learn more about the music world...
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Record Guitar Tracks to Your Computer
Mark Jenkins provides very useful instructions on how to record your guitar using a Rocksmith cable and Audacity - a free program.
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Daily Guitar Practice - Pebber Brown
Pebber Brown gives you a boot-camp rundown on what and how to practice. This is not for the faint of heart - it is a Master Class!
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Oleander at The Black Sheep 7/17/13
Despite the lack of a crowd and a short power outage for guitarist and bassist that led to an improvised interlude, Oleander went all out and rocked hard. The addition of their new drummer, Steve Brown, and the return of Thomas Flowers to lead vocals was an extremely smart decision for the post-grunge band, who's cohesive sound proved that even over time, true talent does not diminish.
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