Christopher McHargue

37 years old, single dad of a 16 year old son. I've had custody since he was 8 months old! Ive written lyrics to about 300 songs on my head that I cannot write music for. I need a good guitar and other equipment to give me the motivation to learn to play. Too easily discouraged with crappy equipment...I'm a legal assistant for the District Attorney. Love women, but my friends tell me that I have unhealthy man-crushes on Cody Johnson, RGIII, Rex Robards, Justin Cole, Stoney, aaron Watson, and every since I saw Jordan Rager singing "I'm Down Girl" on YouTube, you can add him to the list. Along with many more, in a vast range of genres! SINGLE WOMEN, Idolize Me!!! At least on MelodyFusion!!! Lol

Metro Region: Austin, TX

Address: Gatesville, Texas 76528

Gender: male

Birthday: September 1