Tim Hall : Under Your Wings mix 2


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Artist: T.J. Hall

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Sub Genres: Psalm

Release Date: December 5, 2014

Credits: T.J. Hall - everything except drums Chris Hall - Drums

About Track: After going back and listening to the previous mix of this song, I decided the backing vox were too loud. I also added the original drum track back into the mix which I'd previously removed. I'm particularly after technical feedback on what you think of each mix

Lyrics: See other upload of this song.

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Rob Darby, Oakley

Rob Darby Flag
over 7 years ago

First this: I really like the song! I think I'll do some reading in the Psalms after listening to this. Technical thoughts: The guitar sounds are very nice. I think the electric is a bit overwhelming near the end. What you're playing works well, maybe just bring it down a bit. The lead vocal sounds a bit loud in the mix. Might benefit from a little compression, but that's a matter of taste. Again, very nice song! And I like the effect of the vocals overlapping near the beginning.


Tim Hall, Gungahlin

Tim Hall Flag
over 7 years ago

Thanks so much for listening, and thanks for the feedback. It's very encouraging. Levels for lead vocals is always something I feel I struggle with, so that's good to hear you back up that thought... I'll have another crack with some of these suggestions and maybe upload v.3! It's all a learning experience.