Raine Carosin : SWEET MUSIC MAN Kenny Rogers karaoke cover by Raine Carosin


Artist: Raine Carosin

Genre: Country

Release Date: January 23, 2016

Credits: Kenny Rogers

About Track: Here is a song that when I sing it at karaokes, I start at the top and I'm confessing to God, and then I drift off to the myriad of scenarios where the singers, guitarist, piano players, keyboardists, harmony, lyrisists, backing singers, songwriters, drummers, and well, just everyone who hums or taps along to the rhythms of mankind and the Universe and Creations and sing the words with depth to reach you all and tell you in some small way that "Hey, I love you" and then I end it by looking up to God again, knowing He has forgiven my sins in that minute! Warmest wishes, raine and pierre and thank you for the music! SWEETMUSICMANKennyRogersKaraokeCoverByRaineCarosin SWEET MUSIC MAN Kenny Rogers Karaoke Cover By Raine Carosin by Raine Carosin is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Show more

Lyrics: Kenny Rogers

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