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  • SWEET MUSIC MAN Kenny Rogers karaoke cover by Raine Carosin

  • BAD TO THE BONE George Thorogood Cover by Raine Carosin

  • OH HELL Fleetwood Mac Cover Version with additonal lyrics by Raine Carosin


Raine Carosin


Member Since: April 3, 2014

Metro Region: Johannesburg, South Africa

Music I like: Blues, Folk, Gospel, Jazz, Pop, R&B/Soul, Reggae, Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Spoken Word

I am emotionally dependent upon music to translate my feelings... If any of the songs I've composed appeal to you, please be welcome to mold it to your emotions... I totally understand... If you like anything that I've had a hand in collaborating, then just communicate this to me, and I'll find out what the other party thinks... Of course, no one is stopping you ... more

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