Thomas William Cornfield (AKA Grbageman Fss)

HI YA.. I never met an entertainer i did't like. Weather they be great or in need of some work. The Entertainer provides a need. A need for anyone to be able to stop and breath BY: The Garbageman Fss My name is Tom Cornfield here(Garbageman Fss) 586-443-9090 17225 Ivanhoe Roseville,MI 48066 i'M A SINGLE STORY TELLER/Poet.. SOMETIME A DUEO SOMETIMES NOT I am singers and story teller. I'm 61 . a army vet and find my music is love by younger People which can be a great boost to the ego..I only know this by the response I have recieved in the bars here in the Detroit Metro Area These are simply made so the story can be told .I am the GarbagemanFss (facebook) .I served in the army after 2 years in college. I was in the infantry for 4 years and then went in special weapons for 8 years. I have plenty of story songs and story.The lord god almighty is my writing partner we like to make you laugh and let your compation out for awhiles I am a ballad writer I tell stories you will like..and have many many more if this ever get off to something.. drop me a line I'll give ya a tale or a great poem.. Check out my songs or vid's ya might get a laugh if ya need it I have a large cover tunes list and 145 orginals, I have recorded in studios, and am know in the bars as The_Garbageman..he are some vids i have on your tube. Published on Jun 7, 2014 JACKSON PRISION BLUES Recorded at the Sound Shop Studio in Detroit "Weep for the lord" a 60 style idea,song Misery Weep for the Lord Monkey Stew New Town Hunting Beem me up scotty Phil Martin Long Black wall Hue City Chosen Few Chopers Steel To the water Line These are some of my tunes with story's What the heck I'm a Dis Vet who can give a university style show.. This may be a little TMI..But I wanted to introduce myself a single agent/Indie/Owner Thank You for your time and await your reply and may the lord walk with you' Thomas k Cornfield (AKA Garbageman Fss/The CarrlingtonBrothers

Metro Region: Detroit, MI

Address: Roseville, Michigan 48066

Gender: male

Birthday: April 2