Thomas William Cornfield (AKA Grbageman Fss) : All My Friends


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Artist: Garbageman & The Sound Shop Band

Genre: Country

Sub Genres: Folk rock

Release Date: July 14, 2014

Credits: The Sound Shop

About Track: All My Friends

Lyrics: All My Friends key (am) tom cornfield 1. All my friend have told me what a fool i have been. My best friend jack like to tell me with a big old grin. so I asked the good lord what have i done wrong i did not understand the answer was to long C) There is a picture on my bedroom wall It doesn't look good and it makes my skin crawl. there is a record on a player over there they cut the power ya and I don't even care.. 2) I've tried to live my life to the letter of the law but sometime they want to much and i can't give it all I was at my dady's bed when he drew his last breath he said don't loose your temper son you do and you'll regret . C)...... 3) I have a pony that I ride to town. when i drink to much iI fall down on the ground I asked miss lucy would she be my wife She said before she'd marry me She would take her own life. C)'''''''........ 4) 1 and 1 is 2 they said when I was a kid. Now I'm all grown up and they were taking shit. My mother died alone,as my brother did. all I have is memories of when I was a kid.. C)............................ (then) All my friends have told me what a fool I'v been--------------------------------- My best friend Jack likes to tell me with a (talk words) with a big old grin............ (end) ? (C)

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Ingrid Wood, Brielle

Ingrid Wood Flag
over 7 years ago

Thomas, I'm seeing you right next to Johnny Cash here!! Love it, thanks for sharing with us!


James Cox Flag
over 7 years ago

Good song. Great guitar licks and cool lyrics.