Thomas William Cornfield (AKA Grbageman Fss) : Jackson Prison Blues


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Artist: Garbageman & The Sound Shop Band

Genre: Comedy

Sub Genres: Folk rock

Release Date: May 17, 2014

Credits: Thomas W Cornfield

About Track: a tribute and parity to Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison

Lyrics: My words.... but to the tune Folsom Prison blues.... key (E) Thomas W Cornfield (c) 2014 Jackson Prison Blues I was in Detroit and gun some old man down when they caught up with me I was just outside of town 6 months later ,The judges hammer slamed on down 40 years in prison, now I'm Jackson bound (hook) Jackson Prison is no place to be the first day that they brought me here was eternity. The First time in the shower I didn't know what to do.... got to get me out of here i got the Jackson Prison Blues You get up in the morning you get into a line someone took my cigarettes now it's quitting time. I like to shot my lawyer for the way he defending me when i ask about a retrial he said we wait and see When I look out my window i can't see a thing The damn thing is so tiny so i have to sing I'm stuck in Jackson prison till the day I die I wish i'd lived in Cleveland so i'd never would have met that guy let me tell you people don't play around with guns when someone starts talking shit just turn around and run they may call you a chiken but at least you'll be free if you pull that trigger you'll be sitting next to me. Garbageman Fss(c) 2014

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