Thomas William Cornfield (AKA Grbageman Fss) : Say A Prayer for an Angel


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Artist: The Garbageman Fss

Genre: Gospel

Sub Genres: folk

Release Date: April 16, 2020

Lyrics: Say A Prayer for an Angel The Garbageman Fss(Tom Cornfield) Motor city josh (Josh Ford) 6 string banjo Todd Glass on drums 1) as you walk into the light then you will know a song will be playing there of a legion long ago a giant tear is falling from a pale white face a dirty trick upon us a double slap in the face (C) Say a prayer for an angle that has falling to the ground I'm gonna pick him up and so him all around Say a prayer for and Angel that has fallen tothe ground now he's just like you and me cast out and hell bound (x3 last line) 2) Over on the corner there stands a lonly man....he's got a sears card board box and his diner is a trash know he has no money except what others say you got it bad man.......where the hell you live (C) X2 take hime downtown (x3 last line) 3) There is a closet in that building........2 billion at the knee a total some of nothing except one mans plee what the hell you saying, your so quite to be heard you better start running man for twesting all the words (C) X2 have a beer with him downtown (x3 last line)

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