Thomas William Cornfield (AKA Grbageman Fss) : Willie's Weed


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Artist: The Garbageman Fss

Genre: Country

Sub Genres: folk

About Track: Need a laugh today

Lyrics: Willie's Weed by Thomas W. Cornfield (aka Garbageman Fss) 1) I heard a song on the radio with Toby Keith and some guy I don't know. They were singing a song of willee their friend How they'd never smoke weed with willie again. C) A bunch of pansies I say with a laugh give me a chance and I'll smoke willie's grass I'm sorry for toby and some guy I don't know. my bong will be loaded if willie will show 2) I've been a big fan since the first song words that I write come straight from my bong so here's to toby and the guy I don't know Come on up willee and Ill roll up some smoke C) 3) Oh willee oh willee their intakes to small when you get to my town just give me a call I'll get out my stash and roll up a pin when the smoke clears away you'll leave with a grin C) 4) Oh willie oh willie this an't no brag for the drive back to Texas I'll give you a bag. don't roll them fatties it's a waste of the weed it's the best in the US and there an't no damn seeds C)

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