Christina Gagnon : Melody Fusion Jingle Contest


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Artist: Christina Gagnon

Genre: Jingle Contest

Sub Genres: just for fun

Release Date: January 31, 2015

Credits: Lyrics and the tune my voice is singing is original - backup is made using Microsoft SongSmith.

About Track: I'm not a singer but have always loved writing poems and jingles so thought I'd jump in on the fun and create a jingle too.

Lyrics: Melody Fusion join us and you can, Have a place where you collaborate, Make it great, build a dream, Because you are a part of the team, Of musicians close to you, Get advice, get inspired, Improve your music and discover your groove. Melody Fusion join us and you can, Have a place to promote your music too, And debut, all you do, The simple way to get your music on view, And learn from others too, And it's true, it's all free, We're makin' music here for you and for me.

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Ingrid Wood, Brielle

Ingrid Wood Flag
over 6 years ago

Christina, thank you for the jingle. I can tell you are a poet and have a knack for jingles too! It's up on the blog now too :)


Christina Gagnon, Warrenton

Christina Gagnon Flag
over 6 years ago

Hi James - Thank yo so much for your kind post.


James Cox Flag
over 6 years ago

Fun jingle. Captures what this site is all about.