Fall Before The Lion : I Am Not A Machine


Artist: Fall Before The Lion

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Sub Genres: Acoustic

Release Date: October 31, 2013

Credits: Matt Bennett - guitar Kevin Morrow - vocals, songwriting. percussion Allan Purcell - mixing, synth

About Track: This song is about when people in our lives push us too hard or expect too much out of us and don't think about how we feel.

Lyrics: I am not a machine Despite what you're expecting of me And I can see clearly that you believe I'm running on a battery Grind my gears so you can see I am working constantly And now my battery's low Gotta run back home And get me some sleep But now you're here Seem to appear Burning at both ends Until there's nothing left Yeah Almost to the end Lost all hope You point me where I need to go Want to start again With only you You make me feel brand new I am not a machine Despite what you're thinking of me And it's misery when you believe I'm running on a battery Hold me close and you would know I'm about to implode Cause the weight I bear just isn't fair When I want to go home But now you're here Seem to appear Just need to count to ten And take a deep breath Yeah How is this How is this any different? It feels so endless I could walk forever Following you into nothing I am not I am not a mechanical machine That you think I am I'm a human being Capable of feeling all this pain But now you're here Seem to appear When your timing's right And it's never with mine Yeah

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Robert Shaw, Vallejo

Robert Shaw Flag
over 8 years ago

Interesting song. I didn't think I'd Like it at first, because of the awkwardness of the timing of all those lyrics. But it actually grew on me by the end. You have a great voice and lots of potential. Unfortunately, the song is not very memorable due to there not being a catchy chorus, or rhyming lyrics that roll off the tongue...and yet..I like it. Keep it up. :-)


Harvey F. Miller, Jefferson

Harvey F. Miller Flag
over 8 years ago

Nice track


Jeffrey Attakorah, Bear

Jeffrey Attakorah Flag
over 8 years ago

love the lyrics, nice work



Lachlan Flag
over 8 years ago

this is really good ! great job :)


Kerri Powles, Brecon, Powys, Wales

Kerri Powles Flag
almost 8 years ago

Very good song. I particularly liked the vocal. You have a very nice voice.