Sofi Mkheyan

Sofi Mkheyan was born on 8th of April, 1984, in Yerevan, the Republic of Armenia. She studied at secondary school №13 after Telman. She finished piano class at musical school after Sayat-Nova. Started singing at "Do Re Mi" school. Sofi finished piano class at muscial college after Romanos Meliqyan, after she got her bachelor's and master's degrees on vocal jazz at Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas. 2000-2003 she worked as a solo singer at State Song Theatre of Armenia.Her first video was shot on the basis of the song “Im Enker”(My Friend), and then were produced the video clips of the songs “Ser”(Love), “Nayir im achqerin”(Look into my eyes), “Ore yev Nerkan”(The day and the present), “Arjani e” (duet with Sirusho), “Vortegh gtnem”, “Luys Khavarum (later on its remix version), “Petq ches”, “Janachir”, “Karoti Yeraz”,”Hajakh Jpta”,”Uzum em Khosel(I want to talk)”,”Mama”,”2012”,”Hayastani yerge(Song of Armenia)”"Yerazum(Dream)". In 2005 in National Music Awards Sofi received the prize“ Revelation of the year”(Best New Comer Award).In 2007 Sofi Mkheyan’s first album “Kyank ko”(Your Life) was released. It got its name on the basis of the therein same song, the author of which is the singer. The same year the video clip shot on the basis of the song “Ore yev nerkan” received the prize “hit of the year” within the frameworks of National Music Awards. Within the boundaries of the “Anush” Awards in USA the first CD of the singer won the prize “the best pop album of the year”. Sofi has appeared repeatedly on local (and not only local ) journals, such as "El-Style », « Yes! »,« BOOM »,« Joker »,« Prestige »,«Nane»,«MIX», «Alma Times and Alma Magazine», etc.In 2008 took part in the festival, in Cannes.Being not only talented and popular singer, Sofi Mkheyan has also participated in numerous sport projects. First of all she has participated in tennis championship with the participation of Armenian pop stars , where in the women's group captured the first place.Then in 2009 she participated in “Fort Boyard” game Show, during which she shocked everyone with her demonstrated sporting ability and courage. In 2009 her 2nd CD “Luys Khavarum(Light in the darkness)” was released.2010 was prolific in terms of awards for Sofi. First, in the annual Armenian Music Awards held in United States Sofi Mkheyan won the “best modern pop singer”0f 2009Award. Then in annual “Tashir” awards 2010 held in Moscow, she won the best female singer of 2009 award.In 2011 in annual Armenian National music Awards 2011 held in Yerevan she won the best female singer of 2010 Award. In 2012 her 3nd CD “2012” was released and Took a part in The Voice Of Armenia as a coach .She has participated in different team concerts both in Yerevan and abroad-Moscow , USA, etc. Not only she is a great singer but also a composer and photography is one of her hobbies .The music of the song “ I want to talk” (Uzoum em khosel) is composed by the singer herself and a co-author of “Heavenly" song(Yerknain ) .Both songs are in 2012 CD.

Metro Region: Yerevan, Armenia

Address: Yerevan, 8136

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 8