Martin Robinson : Waiting for Deployment


Artist: Martin A Robinson

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date: June 1, 2021

About Track: A young soldier at a clandestine forward base is lying on his back staring up at a cloudless sky through the branches of a tree while he waits to be deployed. It's so hot, the only sign of life is the cicadas in the trees. At last light his Section will head off through the scrub on a compass bearing of 270 degrees. After about three kilometres when it's dark, in case the direction of their march has been observed, they'll dog-leg onto 015 degrees and walk the rest of the night to be in ambush position at 0500 hours. The soldier contemplates his situation. Sure there's fear; but more than that is an almost overwhelming sense of a rapidly approaching, inexorable future with no option but to keep moving forward until the end; and every deployment it's the same - that end is a complete unknown - whether through some inadequacy on his part, or through some random quirk of fate, he will go home to his family alive or in a body bag. Yeah, once upon a time that soldier was me. It's not a "pretty" piece of music, but then again, it's not meant to be. It's supposed to give the listener a sense of inexorability and uncertainty.

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