Rob Darby : Autumn Has Fallen


Artist: Rob Darby

Genre: Instrumental

Sub Genres: Melodic Synthesizers

Release Date: September 30, 2015

Credits: Rob: Synths (Korg X50 & M-Audio Venom)

About Track: This is my first real attempt at composing something using an arpeggiator. I recorded the main bulk of this live, then added the bass, synth horn blasts, and the sparkly sounds over the D chord. The title was inspired by a good-natured, long-running "argument" between my wife, Andrea, and I. She prefers, "Fall," while I regularly say, "Autumn." There's a bit of noise at the end that remains a mystery to me. If I ever find out what caused it, I'll do a new mix.

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Lavriko, Horlivka

Lavriko Flag
over 7 years ago

Nice one, Rob. ) I feel the moving air.


Harvey F. Miller, Jefferson

Harvey F. Miller Flag
over 7 years ago

I enjoyed that and I could feel the movement in your track