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Robert Gupta: Between music and medicine
Robert Gupta: Between Music and Medicine

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Featured Artist on Melody Fusion: Sail


Sail is undeniably a band that can take you on a musical journey. The Sail crew is based out of Metro Detroit. 

Genre: Alternative, Blues, Indie Pop

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Discover Members on Melody Fusion: Big Dog Murphy


Milwaukee, WI

Richard Shekari

Richard Shekari

Dance, Gospel, Write/Singer

New Orleans, LA

Discover Members on Melody Fusion: Seth, Chicago, IL Seth

Looking to start a band? Contact Seth. Alternative, Experimental, Classical, Rock

Chicago, IL

Member Reviews

The Wu-Tang Clan

By Tristan Robinson, 2016

EdwardJohnson1956 : Wu Tang Clan is one of my favourite band. Old school with classic sound. Love it!

OHarris97 : This is my favourite review, you have to be a real fan.

Making the Best of Affordable Synthesizers
By Rob Darby, 2015

AMeekins65 : I think this article is on point. I will make my synthesizer come alive again!

EthanJackson1979 : I think that is the best guide ever. My synthesizers are so bmuch better!

GTillett76 : Insane guide, will you make anothe rone?

Farther AlongBy Ingrid Wood, 2015

Olivia58 : Insane job and history of music in such a short text. Thanks for sharing ;)

Emma1993 : Great article and great comment of Rob. I can agree with every word of it!