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Melody Fusion Featured Member: Matt Sams

Matt Sams

Matt Sams won the June Contest; he posted a whoppin' 118 tracks!

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Discover Tracks: Struttin It Around (cover) by Lachlan


Struttin It Around (cover)

Genre: Jazz

Discover Tracks on Melody Fusion: Getting Old (Live) by Rob Landau
Rob Landau

Getting Old (live)

Genre: Rock, Blues

Discover Tracks on Melody Fusion: La Tone by Bill Belcher Bill Belcher

La Tone

Genre: World


Featured Track

Featured Track on Melody Fusion: Sinaman by Kolt MF Kompozar


by Kolt MF Kompozar

Genre: Instrumental, F&G Sound

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Featured Gigs on Melody Fusion: Tailgate Poets at Poor Davids Pub Dallas TX Tailgate Poets

Dallas, TX

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Featured Gigs: Brian Hutzell at Lodge of Ashworth, Iowa

Brian Hutzell

West Des Moines, IA

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Featured Gigs: Jeff Richard - Portraits of Honour - Durham, ON Jeff Richard

Durham, ON

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Featured Masterclass

Melody Fusion Masterclass: Count & Preparation Overkill by Rob Landau

"Count & Preparation Overkill"

Rob Landau shares a tried and true trick to be prepared for gigs...

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