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Melody Fusion Featured Member: Korey Jamal

Korey "Likes to write stuff because it makes him happy" - some sweet tracks... 

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Discover Tracks on Melody Fusion: Hope by Todd Price

Todd Price


Genre: Instrumental

Discover Tracks on Melody Fusion: Maze by Alan Seeger and Phoenix59
Alan Seeger


Genre: Rock

Discover Tracks on Melody Fusion: Once by Meghraj Baria Meghraj Baria


Genre: Pop


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Featured Track on Melody Fusion: Akoa by Bill Belcher


by Bill Belcher

Genre: Instrumental, Nuevo-Flamenco

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Discover Members: StarSaje


Instrumental, Jazz, Rock

Boston, MA

Discover Members on Melody Fusion: Raine Carosin

Blues, Country, Jazz, ...

Johannesburg, South Africa

Discover Members on Melody Fusion: Kevin Sweeney, Ottawa, Canada

Alternative, Blues, Instrumental, ...

Ottawa, Canada

Winning Masterclass

Melody Fusion Masterclass: Traditional Cuuntry Music by Joe Lemire

"Traditional Country Music"

Joe Lemire on how music constantly evolves...

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